Bruxism, the clinical name for consistently grinding your teeth, can wear down the chewing surfaces of your teeth and exhaust your jaw’s joints and muscles. Fortunately, we can often help patients find relief from bruxism troubles with a convenient, custom-designed oral appliance. The appliance can be worn at night and prevents your teeth from forcefully grinding together, helping you avoid the discomfort of worn or damaged teeth.

If Your Teeth Are Worn

For many patients, bruxism isn’t immediately recognizable, especially because grinding typically occurs most often at night. If your teeth have already become worn down or damaged by the time you seek treatment, then you may require appropriate restorative or cosmetic treatment, such as tooth bonding, cosmetic veneers, and/or dental crowns. Your dentist will consult with you to help you decide which treatment option is best suited to your needs and preferences.

Find Out if Bruxism Treatment Can Help You

If you grind your teeth persistently, especially at night, then speak with your dentist to find out if bruxism treatment is necessary. To schedule a consultation, call Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, today at 903-455-5750. We proudly serve patients from Hunt County, Greenville, Royce City, Sulphur Springs, and all surrounding communities.