For instance, we check to ensure that your child’s primary (baby) teeth are not only cavity-free, but also growing correctly to make room for their permanent replacements later in life. If a cavity does develop, then we will also personalize an appropriate treatment to ensure that it doesn’t affect your child’s underlying permanent teeth. With ample experience helping children become accustomed to regular dental care, we can help your child feel comfortable and welcome every time you visit our office!

Children’s Dental Services

Like adults, children should stick to a regular schedule (at least once every six months) of dental checkups and preventive cleaning appointments. For children who are at increased risks of enamel erosion and cavities, we can recommend a preventive treatment that provides additional protection for young teeth, such as:

Dental Sealants

Cavities form from oral bacteria weakening the enamel around teeth. To prevent that interaction, dental sealants, which are made from biocompatible acrylic, can provide an additional layer of protection between teeth and harmful oral bacteria. Sealants are particularly helpful for the chewing surfaces of molars, where oral bacteria and food particles are most likely to hide in hard-to-reach places.

Fluoride Treatments

When your child’s tooth enamel has already grown weak, the dentist may recommend fluoride treatments to bolster tooth enamel before a cavity can develop. Tooth enamel is made almost entirely of minerals, and fluoride (a mineral) can bond to its weakened structure to help it better protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. In some cases, fluoride treatment may be combined with dental sealants during a routine cleaning appointment for optimal cavity-preventing results.

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