Are You Waking Up Hundreds of Times Per Night?

The tricky thing is, you may not actually be able to answer this question. While you may not think of yourself as someone who struggles to sleep through the night, the type of incidents that disrupt your sleep may not fully awaken you. Disruptions to your sleep can be caused by apneatic episodes, brought on by a condition called “sleep apnea.” Sleep apnea can cause you to wake up hundreds of times per night without ever fully regaining consciousness, but these disruptions are enough to rob you of the vital, restorative sleep you need to feel your best. (more…)

Schedule Your Last Checkup Of 2019

Halloween has come and gone, which means November is finally here. The end of the year is right around the corner and with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this means the opportunity to schedule your last checkup of the year is fading fast. Schedule an appointment with your Greenville, TX, dentist today, and use your 2019 benefits before they expire!


Have a Teeth-Grinding Habit? Here’s What You Should Know

When you have bruxism (chronic teeth-grinding), you might not realize you have a problem. Grinding your teeth is normal, and for most people, it isn’t a significant concern to their long-term oral health. However, grinding your teeth habitually can lead to a host of serious oral health issues if left unaddressed. At our Greenville, TX, dental office, we can help you stop your teeth-grinding habit with customized treatment and protect your oral health from its consequences. (more…)

Treating Your Smile With Advanced Technology

We strive to help residents of Greenville, TX, and surrounding communities enjoy healthy smiles. We even take steps to ensure their newly repaired teeth look natural, with restorations that blend with the smile and last for many years to come. To help diagnose and treat smiles of all ages, out team employs advanced technology, such as digital x-rays and even CEREC single-visit restorations.


I Had A Tooth Extracted, Now What?

With crowns, fillings, and other restorative treatments, we strive to help preserve your natural teeth and treat decay and infection. However, in some situations the best option for your smile may involve removing a tooth completely. But once we remove a tooth, what’s next? In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist discusses what comes next following a dental extraction!


Can Dental Implants Secure Dentures?

Often, dentures are removable, held in place with suction or metal clasps. While effective, they tend to need replacement as the shape of the jaw ridge changes over time. However, what if we could fix them in place with dental implants, and ensure they last much longer? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how your Greenville, TX, dentist secures dentures with dental implants.


What Are My Dental Bridge Options?

If you have lost a few of your natural teeth, then you may have an embarrassing gap in your smile, one that could harm your overall oral health. In order to fill the gaps in your smile, we may prescribe a custom-made dental bridge. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how our traditional and implant-secured prosthetics can help patients in Greenville, TX.