What Benefits Will Invisalign® Offer?

Braces are not the only option for correcting your dental misalignment. In fact, we often help patients in Greenville, TX, by offering a clear solution to poor alignment. What benefits will the Invisalign® system offer our patients, and when should they talk to their dentist about treatment to correct uneven teeth? Let’s learn more about this cosmetic approach to smile correction in today’s blog.


Back-To-School Exams For Kids

With school starting again in just a few days, now is a great time for parents to schedule a back-to-school visits with their Greenville, TX, dentist. An exam and cleaning can help ensure your little ones start the new school year with a healthy, bright smile. We can also tackle any developing issues, such as tooth decay. Let’s learn a little more about the importance of checkups and cleanings for little smiles.


Using Veneers To Transform Your Smile

If you have multiple issues with the appearance of your smile, such as damaged or misshapen teeth and discoloration, you may assume multiple procedures will be necessary. However, to help transform smiles in just two visits, your Greenville, TX, dentist may recommend placing lifelike porcelain veneers. How do veneers address multiple cosmetic issues in just a couple of visits?


Treating Cavities With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Just because you have a cavity doesn’t mean a metal restoration is your only hope. In fact, we typically restore decayed teeth in Greenville, TX, with a filling made from a metal-free composite resin. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the causes and warning signs of a cavity, and when your smile may benefit from one of our tooth-colored restorations.


Are Your Teeth Crooked? Learn About Invisalign®

The alignment of your teeth is essential to many different aspects of your oral health. Most notably, crooked teeth can impact your smile’s appearance, and therefore, your confidence in it. Though not as immediately obvious, crooked teeth can also be problematic for issues such as your dental hygiene, your bite’s function, and much more. At our Greenville, TX, dental office, we can help you address crooked teeth and avoid the problems they can cause with a custom-designed set of Invisalign® clear aligners. (more…)

Reshape Your Smile With Bonding And Contouring

Problems with a tooth’s shape can occur naturally, or as a result of injury or teeth grinding. Either way, these issues can impact the beauty of your smile. In order to correct problems with the shade and shape of your smile, we suggest bonding and contouring. With these cosmetic treatment options, we can transform smiles in Greenville, TX, in just one sitting. What should you expect from this unique treatment option?


3 Important Facts About Tooth-Colored Fillings

The fact that a majority of people will experience a cavity at least once in their lives means tooth fillings will continue to be among the most frequently recommended restorative dental treatments. Fortunately, at our Greenville, TX, dental office, we aim to make treating cavities simpler, more effective, and more cosmetically pleasing with the help of tooth-colored fillings. Made from biocompatible, natural-looking composite resin, tooth-colored fillings offer several benefits when treating cavities, including the ability to blend in and keep your treatment discreet. (more…)

When Should You Consider Dental Sedation?

Did you know that studies show between 8% and 15% of people in the United States report some form of dental anxiety? For some, this is a general nervousness about visiting the dentist. Others, the fear could be crippling and impact their ability to undergo necessary treatment. For patients in Greenville, TX, with anxiety, we may recommend dental sedation.