Take Advantage Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Blonde Woman Greenville McKinney TXIf you have started to notice that your smile has become a bit yellowed or dim, talk to a trusted dental provider about your options in treatment. While over-the-counter cosmetic choices have increased over the past few years, you could run into difficulties with their use. These products may be ineffective at treating your specific stains, causing you to repeatedly use them, which can weaken your enamel and leave you susceptible to dentin sensitivity.

At our dental practice in Greenville, TX, we can help you to understand the cause of your condition and formulate a treatment plan that works well for your smile. Start with a cleaning and examination so that you are sure that your condition is caused by the buildup of extrinsic stains. Internal discoloration can require a different form of treatment; be certain that you are not needlessly bleaching your enamel. Your oral health is important, so take the time for a professional approach to your teeth whitening! (more…)

Help Your Child With A Checkup

Child and mom Smith Greenville McKinney TXAs a parent, it is your job to instill positive values in your little one, and this Mother’s Day, show your child the importance of preventive dental care with a checkup in the office. While chocolate and flowers are nice, you understand that the lasting health of your child is the most important thing. Routine cleanings and examinations from your dentist can help them to grow into their smile, and remember that dental habits start at an early age!

Take the time to speak with our dental team in Greenville and McKinney, TX about all of the ways that you can keep your family on a positive path in smile maintenance. Even before their first tooth arrives, there are steps that you can take to give them the greatest chance of success, so talk with a trusted provider about how to care for your little one. We are here for every member of your family! (more…)

A Prosthodontic Solution For You

Smiling older man Greenville TXThe replacement of one or more of your natural teeth after an extraction can be overwhelming, if you do not have the assistance of a helpful dental provider. We take pride in our care, so that we can guide you through the process and make sure that you know all of your options moving forward. There are different available solutions, so talk with your dentist about which of these best works with your particular situation.

At Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, we are here for you through every step of the way in your prosthodontic replacement. Starting with your diagnosis requiring an extraction, we can help you to navigate the world of smile repair, letting you make the choices that matter. A dental bridge is a tested means of restoration that shares the stress of chewing and biting with the teeth on either side of your gap. Another form of replacement comes through the placement process of a dental implant. Speak with your provider, so that you fully understand how these procedures can help you to smile with confidence! (more…)

Protect Your Teeth During Sleep

Laughing Woman Greenville TXFor many Americans, nightly sleep can be a struggle. If you suffer from a sleep disorder that relates to oral health, speak to a trusted provider about your options. Two of the five most common sleep disorders center around the head and neck, and both of them can cause lasting harm. Bruxism is the overnight grinding of your teeth, and this can lead to serious enamel erosion. This activity can also lead to changes in the alignment of your teeth, so take its treatment seriously.

At Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, we offer appliance-based therapy for bruxism, as well as for chronic obstructive sleep apnea. This is another condition related to your oral health, in which the structures of the throat soften in your deepest form of sleep. Speak with a qualified dental caregiver about whether this solution can be the right choice, in order to keep your airway free overnight. With a simple BPA-free appliance, you could have a better sleep! (more…)

Stay On Top Of Your Dentistry

Superman GVTXThe maintenance of your natural smile is vital to keeping a gorgeous set of teeth throughout your life. Your enamel does not regrow, so damage to a tooth can be permanent and require a restorative dental procedure. Crowns and porcelain veneers are helpful means of repair that can help you to look great and chew with confidence, but maintenance can give you the power to avoid repair to start.

One of the ways that the quality of your smile could fall is through bacterial infection. Germs are constantly trying to infiltrate our mouths, as this is the largest opening to the body. We have certain defenses for this, but if an imbalance develops in your smile, it can be dangerous. At Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, we understand the need for proactive oral health care. Look beautiful and keep your natural teeth for as long as possible with helpful checkups at your dental office. You have control over the future of your smile! (more…)

A Nearly Invisible Way To Align

Laptop Smile Greenville TXAlignment issues are highly common, as most people have one or two minor things about their smile that they would like to correct. If you have never had orthodontic improvement in the past, you may wonder how your smile would look if you had addressed your alignment when younger. For those of you who have had previous orthodontic treatment, new changes might threaten all the hard work you put into crafting your current smile. Do not let future alignment shifts to risk the health and appearance of your smile.

One helpful method of alignment therapy is through clear aligner technology. These trays are nearly invisible and stay with you throughout the day. Even overnight, your smile will be gently repositioned into an appropriate layout. At Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX, we proudly offer two different forms of this treatment. Discover how this technology brought by Invisalign® and SureSmile® can help you to bite cleaner and smile wider! (more…)

Enjoying Care With Same-Day Crowns

If you need to undergo dental work, you can worry about different aspects of care: How long will treatment take? How will my smile look? Will this affect my ability to bite and chew without discomfort? Through the right approach to care, you can have a positive experience, one that leads to lasting benefits in a surprisingly short time. Our Greenville, TX dentist’s office can provide care with same-day dental crowns, which means we can cap a tooth with a restoration that looks natural and fits securely without a frustrating wait. When this kind of care is appropriate, we can make sure that it takes place over a short time while offering lasting advantages. (more…)

Effective Care For Teeth Stains

Teeth stains can be picked up from many of the popular foods and drinks that people enjoy. Even if you are trying to limit your exposure to them, it can be tough to fully prevent picking them up. Unfortunately, it can also be tough to remove them when you try to take on the problem by yourself. By bringing up your embarrassment over dental discoloration with your Greenville, TX dentist, you can find out how the issue can be effectively treated! We rely on an in-office system that activates the effects of the bleaching gel used to brighten teeth without the need for light. Because we can do this, we can produce positive results in a short time and prioritize your comfort! (more…)

Feeling Relief After Your Root Canal

It can be less than exciting to learn that you need dental work, but when you are dealing with active pain, it can provide important relief. A problem with an advanced cavity or physical injury can make a root canal procedure necessary. During this service, your Greenville, TX dentist will carefully work within the tooth structure to address an infection and damaged tissues. After clearing this space and sealing it, we can make sure the tooth remains safe by capping it with a custom dental crown. Remember that these problems are less likely to occur when you have general dental exams booked, as your appointments will provide you with warnings before problems with advanced cavities can occur. (more…)

Receiving Your Tooth-Colored Filling

How much trouble are you in when a cavity forms? If the problem is not addressed in time, decay can have a significant effect on your smile and health. After all, the problem will not stop worsening until it is professionally treated. Eventually, bacteria can make their way into your tooth’s central chamber, the pulp, and start attacking the living tissues within. From there, these harmful microbes can move through the roots of a tooth and create more difficulties for you.

Fortunately, when the problem is caught and treated early, your Greenville, TX dentist can minimize the harm to your enamel and fully restore your smile as well as your oral health. Timely treatment can include the placement of a dental filling. At our office, we place fillings that imitate healthy enamel in order to provide bite support as well as the preservation of how you look. (more…)