How We Approach In-Office Teeth Whitening

Is there anything you can do to improve your smile if you have problems with stubborn enamel stains? People who use store bought whitening agents may be alarmed to see how little their appearance changes after they complete treatment. If you have found yourself worried that you are stuck with a dull, unattractive smile, you should look into professional teeth whitening treatment. The bleaching agents available from your Greenville, TX dentist can remove stains that an over the counter product leaves behind. Thanks to our approach to in-office teeth whitening, we can give you results you are excited to show off in just one appointment, and without the need to use a harsh or uncomfortable light to speed up the process. (more…)

Keeping Your Smiles Clean With Professional Care

greenville cleaningOver time, plaque and tartar could coat our teeth and cause problems for the health and beauty of our smiles. To remove the buildup and prevent dental disease, your Greenville, TX, dentist will recommend professional dental cleanings, and for those with inflammation or periodontal disease, a deep cleaning with scaling and root planing procedures.