Month: February 2019

Get A Filling And Help Prevent An Infection!

When a patient comes to us with an aching tooth, we often find the culprit to be tooth decay. With a lifelike dental filling, we treat the cavity and restore the tooth’s health. By treating cavities, patients avoid the onset of serious complications, such as dental infections. Find out how advanced tooth decay leads to… Read more »

Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of Invisalign®

Did you know that crooked, crowded, and uneven teeth don’t just impact your appearance? Without treatment, misalignment has been linked to a number of serious oral health problems. In order to offer our patients in Greenville, TX, a comfortable and barely noticeable solution, we may suggest Invisalign®. What benefits will these clear aligners offer?

How Do Veneers Makeover Your Smile?

Have you ever heard of porcelain veneers? Unlike other cosmetic treatments, which tend to target a specific esthetic issue, such as teeth stains, veneers actually transform a smile’s entire appearance. They help our patients in Greenville, TX, enjoy a smile makeover. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we create and place these… Read more »

Bonding And One Visit Tooth Repair

When your tooth becomes chipped or cracked, you need to see your Greenville, TX, dentist. Otherwise, minor damage could mean serious consequences for your smile’s health! Fortunately, treatment doesn’t necessarily mean multiple visits to the office. In fact, using cosmetic dentistry, we may repair your tooth with bonding and contouring in just one visit.