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When You Need A Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. Of course, everyone wants to avoid this outcome, but it can be a crucial step in maintaining a healthy mouth. On occasion, your tooth can suffer enough damage — internal or external — that restoration just isn’t an option. Luckily, removing a tooth can be a relatively comfortable experience… Read more »

Could An Extraction Prevent Painful Wisdom Tooth Impactions?

Wisdom teeth rarely arrive without complication, and could lead to painful impactions and other serious issues with the health and beauty of your smile. To prevent these complications and preserve your smile, your Greenville, TX, dentist may suggest a safe and comfortable tooth extraction.

Why Is Dental Extraction Necessary?

With advances in modern dentistry, teeth can often be restored and extraction can often be avoided. A dentist’s top priority is always to save a tooth, but above that is the health of the entire smile and the overall health of the patient. Unfortunately, there are certain situations when a tooth can simply not be… Read more »

Reasons An Extraction May Be Needed

Many major dental procedures, like a dental extraction, can often be prevented by maintaining good oral health or by treating problems early. A common reason for a necessary dental extraction is severe decay or infection. Both of which can be detected early enough to treat and sometimes reverse, especially if you maintain your regular dental… Read more »