When You Need A Tooth Extraction

tooth extractionSometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. Of course, everyone wants to avoid this outcome, but it can be a crucial step in maintaining a healthy mouth. On occasion, your tooth can suffer enough damage — internal or external — that restoration just isn’t an option. Luckily, removing a tooth can be a relatively comfortable experience that you need not dread. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist discusses situations in which extraction is needed and the replacement options that will make your smile whole once again. 

When Do I Need A Tooth Removed?

Though you surely want to keep your mouth intact, there are some instances that necessitate tooth extraction. A common one is wisdom tooth complications. They are frequently impacted or come in at weird angles. Moreover, they can sometimes overcrowd your existing teeth. In this situation, your dentist will likely suggest removal. In cases of severe tooth decay, you might not be able to save your tooth through traditional restorative procedures like fillings, root canals, and crowns.  Advanced gum disease can also loosen teeth to the point that it simply isn’t worthwhile to keep them in. One might also suffer an external trauma in the mouth that damages the tooth beyond repair. In any of these scenarios, your dentist will look at your unique circumstances and recommend the best course of action. 


After your dentist removes your tooth, it is of the utmost importance to properly care for your mouth before you have a replacement put in. Your dentist will give you comprehensive instructions that you need to follow. For about a week after the procedure, you’ll want to minimize pain and risk of infection by taking the prescribed pain relievers and antibiotics. You should keep your mouth clean by rinsing it with warm salt water and by changing the gauze regularly. You should relax and make sure to not exert yourself too much. This includes eating mostly soft foods, so you won’t hurt what’s bound to be a tender area.

Replacement Options

No one wants to walk around with a major gap in their smile, so after you have a tooth removed, there are several options for replacement. If you are missing a single tooth your dentist could create a custom bridge for your mouth. In this case, a fake tooth, known as a pontic, is placed between two remaining adjacent teeth and is supported on either side by a crown. You could also get an implant. This option goes into the roots in your gums, which can keep your jawbone in better shape. Finally, if your need multiple teeth extracted, a denture is always an option as well. Again, your dentist will suggest the best option for your mouth.

Have Questions About Tooth Extractions?

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