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Reshape Your Smile With Bonding And Contouring

Problems with a tooth’s shape can occur naturally, or as a result of injury or teeth grinding. Either way, these issues can impact the beauty of your smile. In order to correct problems with the shade and shape of your smile, we suggest bonding and contouring. With these cosmetic treatment options, we can transform smiles… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask About Whitening Your Teeth

When you care for your teeth constantly, you’re more likely to notice when something changes with their appearance. For example, if your teeth start to stain gradually and lose their youthful shine, then you can spot the change and whiten your teeth before they grow duller. At our Greenville, TX, dental office, we can help… Read more »

See Impressive Teeth Whitening Results After One Appointment

It can be easy to overlook the small changes brought on by accumulating teeth stains. With that said, there will come a point for many people where the changes are striking, and alarming. What can you do if you feel like your smile is unattractive due to a buildup of stains? Store bought whitening agents… Read more »

What Happens If I Chip A Tooth?

A chipped tooth isn’t just a minor esthetic issue, but a genuine dental emergency. Repairing damage, even if said damage appears minor, can help prevent serious complications. With cosmetic dentistry, we may be able to repair minor damage in Greenville, TX, in just one visit. What should you do if you chip a tooth, and… Read more »

Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of Invisalign®

Did you know that crooked, crowded, and uneven teeth don’t just impact your appearance? Without treatment, misalignment has been linked to a number of serious oral health problems. In order to offer our patients in Greenville, TX, a comfortable and barely noticeable solution, we may suggest Invisalign®. What benefits will these clear aligners offer?

How Do Veneers Makeover Your Smile?

Have you ever heard of porcelain veneers? Unlike other cosmetic treatments, which tend to target a specific esthetic issue, such as teeth stains, veneers actually transform a smile’s entire appearance. They help our patients in Greenville, TX, enjoy a smile makeover. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we create and place these… Read more »

Bonding And One Visit Tooth Repair

When your tooth becomes chipped or cracked, you need to see your Greenville, TX, dentist. Otherwise, minor damage could mean serious consequences for your smile’s health! Fortunately, treatment doesn’t necessarily mean multiple visits to the office. In fact, using cosmetic dentistry, we may repair your tooth with bonding and contouring in just one visit.

Erasing Teeth Stains In One Visit

What if our Greenville, TX, patients could obtain a noticeably brighter smile in just one to two hours? We understand the importance of a brighter smile, and we also know that sometimes we need a whiter smile quickly before a big event. With Opalescence® in-office teeth whitening, we offer professional level brightness to address stains… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Which Path Is Right For Me?

There is not one ideal appearance for smiles. Each person’s smile is as unique as the person themselves. What may be a defining feature that fuels confidence for one person may be a deep insecurity for another person. Insecurity in your smile can impact your mood and your everyday life. Cosmetic dentistry is an option… Read more »

Can I Change The Shape Of My Teeth?

The shape of teeth can be changed and so can the size and shade. Cosmetic dentistry allows for most appearance issues to be managed. If you are insecure about the shape or size of your teeth, there is likely a way for it to be adjusted. Depending on your specific wants and needs, a different… Read more »