Month: July 2018

What Makes A Cleaning So Important?

There are certain pieces of advice that we have all heard for so long that we might know why they are actually important. You know that you are supposed to get a dental cleaning at least twice a year, but do you know why? Have you asked your dentist in Greenville, TX, what exactly makes… Read more »

Haven’t Seen The Dentist In Awhile?

Life has a tendency to zoom past us while we are living it. Before we know it, years have gone by and we haven’t kept up with all the things we wanted to. Your teeth are important. Your oral health is important. It is essential for your overall health that you take care of your… Read more »

3 Common Cosmetic Smile Concerns

We all know that what’s beneath the surface is more important, but sometimes we still have concerns about our appearance. Concerns about your smile’s appearance are typically ones that can be addressed in a way that can rebuild your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of addressing appearance concerns with conservative, healthy treatments. Your dentist… Read more »

A Quick Guide To Proper Brushing

You already know that brushing your teeth is important for your oral health. It keeps your smile clear of harmful bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Do you feel confident that your brushing technique is in tip-top shape? Has a dentist or oral hygienist ever told you that you are missing spots… Read more »

Are You Due For A Dental Checkup?

Maybe life got a little too busy and you forgot to schedule your next appointment? Perhaps you have recently moved to Greenville, TX, and still have not decided on a new dentist yet? Whatever your reason, if you have gone more than six months without visiting a dentist, it is time for a dental checkup…. Read more »