The good news is that modern prosthodontic dentistry provides a variety of ways to help patients recover from even severe or complete tooth loss. With a custom-made partial or complete denture, you can enjoy the beautiful, strong, and healthy smile that you had in your youth. In the case of a partial denture, you can also increase your chances of retaining the healthy teeth that still remain.

Partial, Full, and Implant Dentures

Dentures were originally crafted hundreds of years ago (and perhaps more), and were originally designed only to replace an entire row of missing teeth. Today, dentures come in a variety of sizes and designs according to each patient’s unique needs. For instance, partials can be crafted to replace the several teeth that are lost while supporting the healthy teeth that remain, using a comfortable base and small, discreet clasps for support. For patients who’ve lost all of their teeth on the upper and/or lower dental ridges, full dentures are still common, though today, they’re stronger, more comfortable, and more lifelike in appearance than ever before.

For many patients, the benefits of replacing lost teeth can be multiplied by supporting their denture on an appropriate number of dental implants. Implant-supported dentures not only rebuild the visible aspects of your smile, but also the unseen roots that were anchored in your jawbone to support your healthy teeth. Dental implants help keep your jawbone strong and healthy by reestablishing stimulation when you bite and chew

Ask Your Dentist About a Partial or Denture

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