Month: September 2019

How Do We Respond To Your Dental Emergency?

If you begin to experience serious pain in your smile, or if a tooth or restoration becomes damaged, then you have a dental emergency that needs immediate attention. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will discuss how we treat common dental emergencies and restore the health and comfort of your smile.

Can Dental Implants Secure Dentures?

Often, dentures are removable, held in place with suction or metal clasps. While effective, they tend to need replacement as the shape of the jaw ridge changes over time. However, what if we could fix them in place with dental implants, and ensure they last much longer? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how your… Read more »

What Are My Dental Bridge Options?

If you have lost a few of your natural teeth, then you may have an embarrassing gap in your smile, one that could harm your overall oral health. In order to fill the gaps in your smile, we may prescribe a custom-made dental bridge. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how our traditional… Read more »

Did You Know We Can Place Crowns In One Visit?

In the past, hearing your dentist say you needed a crown meant bracing yourself for between two and three visits to finish the repair. Now, your Greenville, TX, dentist offers an alternative: one-visit crowns using CEREC® technology. Find out how we can craft and place a natural looking restoration in just a single visit.