Month: December 2019

Getting a Dental Crown in Just One Day

Finding an oral health issue can cause many patients to become anxious. If you’re someone who already experiences anxiety related to dental visits, worrying that you may need a filling or more serious treatment can cause you to delay scheduling your appointment. This, in turn, will only make your problems worse when you do ultimately… Read more »

Saving Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

Don’t postpone dental treatment when you need to repair an issue with your teeth. In almost every case, the longer you wait, the worse your condition will get. This is especially true with cavities. If you delay the treatment of a cavity, that cavity will get larger and more destructive to the structure of your… Read more »

Dental Fillings Save Damaged Teeth

Your teeth are tough and durable, but that doesn’t mean that they’re invincible. Without proper care, your teeth can become infected by bacteria. Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth, and when they build up in small colonies, they can start to do serious damage. As bacteria grow, they produce harmful acid that wears down… Read more »

Aligners Let You Straighten Your Teeth Subtly

Straighter teeth create a more appealing smile, and they’re also easier to clean. If your teeth could be straighter, you may consider an orthodontic treatment to help align your smile. That doesn’t have to mean a long, uncomfortable treatment timetable like you might expect with braces. Invisible aligners allow you to straighten your teeth subtly… Read more »