Month: February 2018

Upgrading Your Smile’s Appearance

Your smile should be a source of confidence. If you find yourself insecurely trying to hide your teeth when you laugh or smile, you may want to consider upgrading your smile’s appearance. Cosmetic dentistry options can address issues ranging from fixing chips and cracks, removing some stains to a complete smile overhaul. Upgrading your smile’s… Read more »

What Are The Signs Of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is incredibly common among American adults. In fact, it is the second most common dental health issue. Because gum disease is common does not mean that it is inevitable or impossible to prevent. Gum disease can be reversed if treated early enough. Many people who develop severe gum disease do so because they… Read more »

How Does A Filling Help My Tooth?

Cavities can still happen to our smile even with our best efforts to avoid them. Tooth decay can be caused by reasons other than poor oral hygiene and sugary snacks. Grinding your teeth can create tiny fractures in the teeth that can lead to cavities. Misalignment of your smile can make it hard for brushing… Read more »

Is Sparkling Water OK For My Teeth?

Sparkling water, especially flavored sparkling water, is very popular variety of beverage right now. The drink has become a go-to choice for those that want to get the bubbles of soda without the additional sugar. Lately, it has come into question of whether or not carbonation can weaken your teeth. Some have begun to worry… Read more »