Is Sparkling Water OK For My Teeth?

Is Sparkling Water OK For My Teeth?Sparkling water, especially flavored sparkling water, is very popular variety of beverage right now. The drink has become a go-to choice for those that want to get the bubbles of soda without the additional sugar. Lately, it has come into question of whether or not carbonation can weaken your teeth. Some have begun to worry because carbonation, including sparkling water, has a higher level of acidity than most beverages. Acidity can lead to acidic attacks on the outer layer of your teeth known as enamel. The important question to ask: does sparkling water have enough acidity to negatively affect your smile? Is sparkling water okay for your teeth

Water Is Water Even With Bubbles

According to the research that is currently available, sparkling water is not harmful to your teeth. Studies have shown that regular water and carbonated water have about the same effects on tooth enamel. Even though sparkling water is slightly more acidic than ordinary water, the studies show that both forms of water seem to affect your teeth the same. Sparkling water is a much better choice for your teeth than sugary drinks. Though, it is important to remember that fluoridated water is the best choice for your teeth, as it helps to strengthen your enamel.

Check the Labels For Added Sugar

If your sparkling water contains added sugar, consider it a soda instead. Added sugar can contribute to acidic attacks on your teeth.  It should also be noted that sparkling water that is citrus-flavored, even without added sugar, will have a higher level of acid. Citrus flavors includes lemon, lime, pamplemousse (grapefruit), orange, tangerine, and more citrus or any combination of those listed. As with any acidic or potentially harmful beverage, it is best to drink alongside a meal rather than sipped on throughout the day. Drinking a sugary or acidic drink along with a meal can help keep the danger rinsed away instead of exposing your smile to acid throughout the day. When drinking coffee, sweet tea, soda, etc., remember to drink it with a meal and rinse after with a drink of plain old water.

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