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Aligners Let You Straighten Your Teeth Subtly

Straighter teeth create a more appealing smile, and they’re also easier to clean. If your teeth could be straighter, you may consider an orthodontic treatment to help align your smile. That doesn’t have to mean a long, uncomfortable treatment timetable like you might expect with braces. Invisible aligners allow you to straighten your teeth subtly… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Crooked? Learn About Invisalign®

The alignment of your teeth is essential to many different aspects of your oral health. Most notably, crooked teeth can impact your smile’s appearance, and therefore, your confidence in it. Though not as immediately obvious, crooked teeth can also be problematic for issues such as your dental hygiene, your bite’s function, and much more. At… Read more »

Benefits Of A Straighter Smile

There is a common misconception that crooked teeth only affect the way that your smile looks. Unfortunately, misalignment of your smile can affect your oral health by increasing your risks of tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your smile can decrease these risks and help you keep your smile in good health. Invisalign treatment can… Read more »

Can Invisalign® Help My Smile?

If you have teeth that are crooked or misaligned, it can present a number of challenges for your smile that go beyond appearance. Although an effect on your smile’s appearance can be enough to shake your confidence. A crooked smile can be troublesome to keep clean and plaque-free, which can put you at a higher… Read more »