Stay Current With Dental Cleanings

What have you done for your smile today? On a typical day, a person should brush at least twice and floss at least once to keep their teeth safe from the accumulation of oral bacteria and food debris. As important as it is for you to keep up with this routine, it is just one aspect to preventive care to keep up with. You should also make regular trips to your dentist’s office to have your smile professionally cleaned. Through these preventive services, our Greenville, TX dentist’s office can help you lower your risk for cavities and gum disease, and we can protect you against the accumulation of unsightly plaque and tartar! (more…)

How Can Tooth Bonding Change My Smile?

There are different reasons why people decide to ask their dentist about cosmetic dental work. With that said, the patients who express interest in this kind of care can have similar concerns, including concerns about the time and effort involved in their preferred services. At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can recommend conservative tooth bonding and contouring treatments to patients who want to see results but feel wary of the work that might be involved in cosmetic care. This is an approach that removes the need for the placement of permanent restorations. It is also one that can have desirable outcomes after as little as one appointment! (more…)

Lasting Support From CEREC Crowns

If you need a tooth restored, you may worry about several aspects of the treatment experience. Will you be able to count on the filling or crown that you receive? What will your procedure do to your smile? Will the support from your restoration last? At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can offer important treatments with CEREC same-day crowns. For advanced cavities and dental injuries, CEREC crowns can provide long-term and smile-friendly support. You can be happy to hear that this technology lets us provide this care in as little as one appointment, as we will not have to rely on a third party lab to create your crown. (more…)

Whiten Your Smile Before The New Year Begins

With the new year just weeks away, you may already have some thoughts about what changes you would like to make for 2022. If you want to do something about your appearance when you smile, you can find that you have time to make your desired changes before the end of this year, which means you can start the next with a welcome confidence boost! At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can provide an in-office whitening procedure that makes your enamel many shades brighter. This convenient cosmetic service can help you ring in the start of 2022 with a bright, attractive smile that you are eager to bring into the new year! (more…)

Is It Time To Schedule A Root Canal?

It may be hard to avoid feeling a degree of unease when you have a tooth that hurts, or feels unusually sensitive. These can be signs of an infection, which means you will require root canal therapy. The good news is that when you schedule this treatment, you can finally put a stop to active discomfort, and you can prevent the kind of complications that can lead to tooth loss! At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can evaluate you to see if this procedure is really necessary. If it is, we can move forward with care so that you do not have to worry about further difficulties or discomfort. (more…)

The Positive Impact Of Invisalign Treatment

How eager are you to finally do something about embarrassing problems with poorly aligned teeth? While the end of orthodontic treatment can be appealing, people hesitate to start because they worry about what life with metal braces might be like for them. What you should know is that many people are eligible for treatment with Invisalign aligners, a set of clear appliances that gradually correct spacing issues that make them self-conscious. This offers a more appearance-friendly solution from your Greenville, TX dentist, and it even gives you appliances that you are free to remove at times when they might be in your way. (more…)

We Can Fully Treat Your Cavity

The proper treatment for a cavity will do more than just prevent decay from doing further harm to your tooth structure. In order to address all of your needs, your restorative procedure will also call for the placement of either a filling or crown to keep your tooth safe. This is needed because the damage from your cavity is permanent, and you need protection to restore your bite function and preserve the health of your remaining tooth structure. At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can provide a restoration that is secure and strong, and we can take care to make sure it matches your enamel and preserves your smile! (more…)

Proper Smile Care Around Halloween

Halloween is a great time to watch something scary, wear fun costumes, and have fun with the kids as they go trick-or-treating. While the holiday is full of fun, it can be less fun for people who experience issues with cavities due to an excess of sugar. Our Greenville, TX dentist’s office is here to help you when you have problems with your smile, but you can also count on us for guidance to avoid trouble with your oral health at this time of year. By scheduling checkups on a regular basis and practicing good habits at home, you can avoid the kind of issues with dental decay that can affect many individuals at this time of year! (more…)

The Effects Of Untreated Bruxism

Even if you do not realize it is happening, spending your nights grinding and clenching your teeth can take a real toll on your smile and oral health. This is why those who suffer from bruxism are encouraged to arrange treatment as soon as possible. Our Greenville, TX dentist can provide protection with a custom oral appliance that will keep your smile safe from further harm. When appropriate, we can also talk with patients about restoring your smile if you already have issues with wear and tear, even if you need more than just cosmetic work to resolve problems.

How Veneers Change A Person’s Smile

If you have a hard time smiling with confidence, you can benefit from a discussion about cosmetic dental work. Through the right approach to treatment, your Greenville, TX dentist can help you take on the flaws that currently make you self-conscious about the way you look. One service we offer relies on porcelain veneers to make changes to the shape, size, and color of teeth that look unattractive or out of place. With these custom restorations, we can help you show off significant improvements with more conservative work than you may expect! (more…)