Haven’t Seen The Dentist In Awhile?

Haven't Seen The Dentist In Awhile?Life has a tendency to zoom past us while we are living it. Before we know it, years have gone by and we haven’t kept up with all the things we wanted to. Your teeth are important. Your oral health is important. It is essential for your overall health that you take care of your smile, and part of that care is going to the dentist on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember that no matter how long it has been since your last visit – – embarrassment should not stop you from finally going. Your dental team in Greenville, TX, is here to welcome you without judgment back into the swing of regular visits to your dentist.  (more…)

3 Common Cosmetic Smile Concerns

3 Common Cosmetic Smile Concerns We all know that what’s beneath the surface is more important, but sometimes we still have concerns about our appearance. Concerns about your smile’s appearance are typically ones that can be addressed in a way that can rebuild your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of addressing appearance concerns with conservative, healthy treatments. Your dentist in Greenville, TX, has a top priority and that is your smile’s health. Just after your smile’s health is the priority of how you feel about your smile. Addressing cosmetic concerns can help make you feel confident and happy about the way your smile looks.  (more…)

A Quick Guide To Proper Brushing

A Quick Guide To Proper BrushingYou already know that brushing your teeth is important for your oral health. It keeps your smile clear of harmful bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Do you feel confident that your brushing technique is in tip-top shape? Has a dentist or oral hygienist ever told you that you are missing spots during your brushing routine? Even if you think that your toothbrushing technique is perfect, there is always room in your life for learning. We have created a quick guide for learning the proper way to brush your teeth. Use it to check your own technique or use it to teach your kids. Your dentist in Greenville, Texas is always here to help keep your smile healthy.  (more…)

Are You Due For A Dental Checkup?

Are You Due For A Dental Checkup?Maybe life got a little too busy and you forgot to schedule your next appointment? Perhaps you have recently moved to Greenville, TX, and still have not decided on a new dentist yet? Whatever your reason, if you have gone more than six months without visiting a dentist, it is time for a dental checkup. There are several reasons to routinely visit your dentist: it can help keep your smile bright and healthy, it can prevent costly or time-invasive problems, and it can possibly save your life. Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health, which means that keeping your smile healthy can help make sure you stay healthy overall. (more…)

Healthy Smiles While On Vacation

Healthy Smiles While On VacationIt is the height of summer in Greenville, TX, which means it is hot. Very hot. You and your family may like to get out of town for the summer (perhaps to somewhere cooler). Traveling during the summer could be a short road trip to a nearby Texas destination, a longer road trip up to a cooler place, cruises, plane trips abroad, or if you’re extremely lucky, all of the above. No matter the type of vacation you go on, it is important to remember to take care of your mouth and smile. Harmful oral bacteria does not go on vacation, which means your hygiene vigilance must stay intact.  (more…)

Are Gum Disease And Diabetes Linked?

Are Gum Disease And Diabetes Linked?There is a link between gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) and diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2). The link between gum disease and diabetes is a two-way street because each condition can effect the other. People living with diabetes are at higher risk of developing gum disease than people with consistently healthy blood sugar levels. People living with gum disease are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Along with increasing the risks for developing the conditions, either condition can make the other one harder to control. For instance, gum infections can make it more difficult to regulate blood sugar levels, which is essential for diabetics.   (more…)

2 Ways To Help Protect Kids’ Smiles

2 Ways To Help Protect Kids' SmilesInstilling good oral health habits in children is probably the best way to protect their smiles. Oral health habits include teaching children how to effectively brush and floss their teeth, instilling the importance of routine dental exams and cleanings, teaching them to be mindful about food and drink, stressing the importance of mouth guards, and the list goes on. While you and your children build these habits, kids may need some extra help protecting their smiles against cavities. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are two ways that your dentist can provide a boost of defense to your child’s smile. These two treatments, along with all of the habits listed above, can help the smile stay strong and healthy.  (more…)

Unexpected Causes Of Toothaches

Unexpected Causes Of ToothachesMany people believe that the only causes of a toothache are a cavity or a broken tooth. While cavities caused by tooth decay are a common cause, there are several other things that may be causing your tooth to hurt. Each different cause will be treated differently in an effort to relieve the pain. Your dentist is your best resource when it comes to dealing with a toothache. Because most dental issues are progressive (which means they will continue to worsen until treated), it is important to not leave them ignored.  (more…)

Why Is Dental Extraction Necessary?

Why Is Dental Extraction Necessary?With advances in modern dentistry, teeth can often be restored and extraction can often be avoided. A dentist’s top priority is always to save a tooth, but above that is the health of the entire smile and the overall health of the patient. Unfortunately, there are certain situations when a tooth can simply not be saved. A dental extraction becomes necessary when a tooth is too severely damaged, is causing negative effects on the rest of your smile, or if the tooth is severely infected. In situations where an extraction is recommended, the tooth can usually be replaced with an implant and/or some form of dental prosthetic.  (more…)

Do I Qualify For A Dental Implant?

Do I Qualify For A Dental Implant?When someone experiences tooth loss, it can be traumatic. It can have negative effects on your whole smile, and a dental implant can be a way to curtail some of these effects. However, not everyone qualifies for a dental implant. There are certain issues that may make your smile ineligible for an implant. Fortunately, most of these issues can be overcome. Bad habits and oral health obstacles may need to be addressed prior to the implant being placed. Your dentist can talk to you about the benefits of an implant on your smile, if your smile qualifies for dental implants or what may need to happen to your smile to get it there.  (more…)