Erasing Teeth Stains In One Visit

What if our Greenville, TX, patients could obtain a noticeably brighter smile in just one to two hours? We understand the importance of a brighter smile, and we also know that sometimes we need a whiter smile quickly before a big event. With Opalescence® in-office teeth whitening, we offer professional level brightness to address stains and offer a stunning smile!


How Does Sedation Calm Dental Anxiety?

Do you feel nervous about seeing the dentist? You’re not alone! Studies show up to 15% of the population experiences some form of dental anxiety. However, avoiding routine care increases the risk of serious complications, even the loss of your natural teeth! In order to help anxious patients in Greenville, TX, we may suggest dental sedation. How does sedation dentistry calm dental anxiety?


Treating Sleep Apnea With A Comfortable Sleep Guard

Have you ever heard of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? A common sleep disorder, OSA impacts millions of Americans and leads to serious complications during waking hours. Fortunately, we can help our Greenville, TX, patients enjoy better rest with our comfortable treatment options. Find out how our CPAP alternative can help you enjoy a better sleep.


Improving Your Oral Health In 2019

Improving Your Oral Health In 2019The end of one year and beginning of another can seem like an arbitrary time to set goals. Whether you are a person who sets New Year’s resolutions or one who follows through on goals throughout the year, setting a goal to improve your oral health is a worthwhile ambition. Your oral health is closely linked to the rest of your body. So, while it is tempting to just think that a healthy smile is only worrying about keeping white teeth, it is much deeper than that. Your smile’s health is important to your own body’s health and vitality. The team at Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX has a couple of simple steps to help you improve your oral health in 2019.  (more…)

Enjoy A Night’s Sleep Without Teeth Grinding Problems

What is a good night’s sleep truly worth to you? Even a short period of poor rest can be emotionally taxing, and frustrating. Bruxism can interfere with your ability to refresh yourself, as you can awaken with feelings of pain in your teeth, face, and jaw joints. If the problem goes untreated, the problem can escalate, leaving you with worrying dental damage. Your Greenville, TX dentist understands that bruxism can intrude on your life, and pose a serious threat to your smile. You can seek treatment through the creation of a custom oral appliance to wear during rest. Once in place, your appliance will keep your teeth safe while you sleep, and help you avoid harm. If you have already experienced some dental damage, you can review treatment options with your dentist. (more…)

Go To Sleep With A Clean Smile

Go To Sleep With A Clean SmileYou know the recommendation to brush at least twice a day. Do you know that it is also important to brush your teeth before going to bed? Do you know why it is so important to go to sleep with a clean smile? We are going to brush up on these clean smile facts before the holidays. The holidays tend to be a time when good habits get followed a little more loosely. The family may fall asleep after drinking hot cocoa by the fire. While relaxing family time is important, it is also essential to your smile’s health to keep up your good habits like cleaning your smile before bedtime. Your dentist in Greenville, TX can help you keep your smile in good health.  (more…)

Using Winter Break For Dental Needs

Using Winter Break For Dental NeedsMost schools in Greenville, TX get a Winter Break from classes that goes well into January. If you are a lucky adult, you might also get some extended time off of work during this time of year. If you have kids at home from school or college, the break over winter could be a great time to check up on the family’s dental needs. Use the free time to schedule appointments with the dentist rather than waiting until the schedules fill back up again with class and extracurricular activities. Use this time for yourself to get the preventive care you need or to take care of any potential problems with your own smile.  (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry: Which Path Is Right For Me?

Cosmetic Dentistry: Which Path Is Right For Me?There is not one ideal appearance for smiles. Each person’s smile is as unique as the person themselves. What may be a defining feature that fuels confidence for one person may be a deep insecurity for another person. Insecurity in your smile can impact your mood and your everyday life. Cosmetic dentistry is an option for you if you have issues with the way your smile looks. Under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry, there are several different types of treatments that can address different needs. Some people require multiple avenues of help for their smile. The team at Smith Family Dentistry wants to help you find which cosmetic dentistry path is right for you and your unique smile. (more…)

Maximizing Your 2018 Dental Benefits

Maximizing Your 2018 Dental BenefitsThe new year is in just over a month from today. Can you believe that 2018 is almost over? While you may find yourself busy with holiday decorating, baking, and parties, there should also be some time made to check in with your dentist. Most insurance plans run on a calendar year, which means your 2018 dental benefits could be expiring soon. In this final month of the year, you will want to make sure you get the most out of your 2018 insurance while you can. The team at Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, Texas can help you understand your insurance plan a bit better.  (more…)