Dental Anxiety Can Become An Obstacle To Good Oral Health

The discomfort you feel at the idea of seeing your dentist can actually make you more likely to experience problems that require oral health care. People with dental anxiety may choose to avoid dental checkups. This makes them vulnerable to tartar buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay. Over time, a cavity that forms and gradually worsens can start to cause significant discomfort and make root canal therapy necessary! At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we are proud to create a comfortable environment even for those patients who struggle with unease. Through dental sedation, we can keep you comfortable in the dentist’s chair, even when you come to us in need of more involved restorative dental work.

Has Anxiety Kept You From Scheduling Routine Checkups?

If you try to keep your smile healthy without regular dental exams, you can be more vulnerable to serious oral health complications than you realize. One thing you gain from having regular exams scheduled is access to routine teeth cleanings. These cleanings remove any concentrations of tartar that have formed on your smile. When those deposits are not cleaned away, they make you vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Your checkups also make it easier for cavities to be caught in their early stages, as they can be found during an evaluation before they cause you discomfort.

Delaying A Restorative Procedure Can Have Consequences For Your Oral Health

If you put off treatment for a cavity, you make yourself more likely to need advanced restorative work. Decay is not something that you can stop or reverse by yourself. Eventually, a cavity that has not been treated by a dentist will spread enough to cause an internal infection in your tooth. A tooth can be lost if a cavity grows too serious, and there is a chance that bacteria will spread to the point of letting bacteria reach other parts of your body.

How Dental Sedation Helps Patients Stay Comfortable During Treatment

Through the right approach to dental sedation, we can make sure that you remain comfortable even during a more involved restorative procedure. Nitrous oxide is often used for patients who feel uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair. During a checkup or cavity treatment, this gas can help you remain calm as you undergo the appropriate treatment. If you need something stronger, we can talk about alternative forms of support, like the use of an oral sedative, to make sure you stay comfortable.

Talk To Your Greenville, TX Dentist About The Benefits Of Dental Sedation

At Smith Family Dentistry, patients who struggle with dental anxiety can stay calm with the aid of a dental sedative. Through sedation, we can make sure that you stay comfortable even during a more involved treatment. To find out more, contact your Greenville, TX, dentist, Dr. Smith, by calling 903-455-5750.