A Relaxing Visit With Dental Sedation

greenville sedationIf you’re undergoing a more extensive treatment such as a tooth extraction, or if you have anxiety that makes visiting the dentist a difficult prospect, then we can help. With dental sedation, our team can offer solutions to help you feel comfortable and relaxed when you see us. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist talks about our sedation options!

When You Need a Calming Agent

When do we provide sedation dentistry for our patients? We often recommend this when you undergo a more extensive treatment, such as tooth extraction or dental implant placement, to ensure you’re enjoying a comfortable experience. But we could also recommend calming agents for people with serious amnesty, which could otherwise prevent them from receiving the care needed to enjoy good oral health. This is also helpful for those with special needs that make undergoing treatment a difficult process. The option we suggest will depend on factors like anxiety levels or special ends, as well as age, weight, and your medical history. A trained anesthesiologist will be on hand too!

A Look at Our Sedation Options

One of the more common options is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. The patient inhales this through a mask over the nose and instantly enters a calm state. You remain conscious, but have little to no memory of the procedure and will be comfortable throughout. When the procedure ends, the effects wear off right away. In fact, you can often return to work or school!

If you need a more substantial calming agent, we could offer oral sedation, taken in a pill or liquid form before the procedure begins. You’re still conscious, but in a deep state of relaxation, with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. The effects take time to wear off, so be sure a friend or family member is on hand to bring you home afterward. The deepest option, the one we often recommend if you have a serious phobia of the dentist, is IV sedation. You enter a very deep state of calm with no memory of the procedure. Again, the effects will take time to wear off completely.

If you have any questions about our approach to sedation dentistry, or if you think this will help you or a member of your family, then please reach out to our team today! Let’s start your journey to a healthy smile today.

Ask Your Dentist In Greenville, TX About Sedation Dentistry

We want to make sure that your anxiety doesn’t stand between you and the dentistry you need to enjoy your healthiest smile. To learn more about the steps we take to keep you calm and comfortable during your visit, give us a call at Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX at (903)455-5750!