What’s So Great About Checkups And Cleanings?

Often, patients assume that if they brush and floss their teeth each day, then a dental exam isn’t very important. However, checkups and cleanings are vital to maintaining a healthy smile, even if you continue to properly care for your smile at home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checkups and Cleanings

Question: When do we need dental exams?

Answer: We, along with the American Dental Association, recommend a dental exam once every six months. Teens, adults, and even seniors need to undergo these routine exams, along with children over the age of one (once the baby teeth have begun to erupt). We need them because these visits allow the dentist to see developing issues and recommend treatment before they progress and threaten your smile.

Question: What does a checkup involve?

Answer: We will employ advanced technology, including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, to obtain a detailed and precise view of your smile. We can then identify the presence of possible problems, such as tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease, TMJ disorder, or even bruxism. Should we see problems such as oral cancer, we can refer you to a specialist. Ignoring your routine visits can allow these problems to grow in severity, so don’t forget to see us twice a year!

Question: How does a dental cleaning work?

Answer: During these visits, we will also perform a dental cleaning. The cleaning involves removing plaque buildup from your teeth with an ultrasonic scaler. We then polish the tooth for a brighter smile (and in the process, fresher breath). A cleaning helps reduce the risk of cavities and gum issues (gingivitis and gum disease) by removing plaque, which is a bacterial byproduct that can weaken tooth enamel and inflame the gums. If you have any questions or concerns about checkups and cleanings, then give us a call. We can provide exams and cleanings for patients of all ages.

Do You Need to Schedule a Visit?

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