Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?Tooth decay does not stop progressing until it is treated. It may start out as tiny white spots on the enamel of your tooth. If noticed by your dentist, a thorough cleaning may treat and reverse the decay. If not, the decay will continue to progress until it erodes through the enamel of the tooth creating a cavity. A small, early cavity may not cause you any pain, and may go unnoticed if not for regular visits to your dentist. If it is noticed, your dentist may treat and stop the cavity with a filling. If the decay continues to progress, it may reach the inner pulp of the tooth requiring root canal treatment to stop it. 

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the process of thoroughly disinfecting the inner chamber of the tooth. It may involve removing damaged or infected tooth particles and tissue. Once decay has reached the inner depths of your tooth, it may infect the root canal and nerve endings. To prevent the spread of bacteria, your dentist will access the inside of your tooth to thoroughly clean it. Once disinfected, your dentist may fill the area with a plastic-like substance, gutta percha, that will strengthen the inner pulp area of the tooth. To protect and restore the tooth, a crown may be applied to the outside of the tooth.

What If Root Canal Treatment Is Not Done?

Once tooth decay enters the inner chamber of the tooth, it can cause a painful infection or abscess. This infection can enter the bloodstream to infect other parts of the body. It can be very painful and dangerous. In many cases, root canal treatment is the last ditch effort to save the tooth. If an infection continues, it can endanger the other tooth, and an extraction may be necessary.

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