Reasons Not To Ignore That Snore

Reasons Not To Ignore That SnoreMillions of Americans are affected by snoring each night. Whether its their own snoring or a loved one’s, snoring can negatively impact a night of sleep. Snoring can just be simple snoring, but it can also be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a sleep disorder that occurs when breathing is obstructed by the soft tissues of your throat and mouth. Your dentist in Greenville, TX can help you determine if your snoring is a sign of sleep apnea and help you to treat the issue. Treating sleep apnea is important to mitigate the negative effects on your health and on your daily life. 

Effects on Your Health

As stated above, sleep apnea occurs when your airway is obstructed. It can cause you to stop breathing before your body gasps for air. This obstruction in breathing can impact the oxygen levels in your bloodstream Over time, your body can begin to overcompensate and regulate your blood differently, which can lead to high blood pressure. Higher blood pressure can increase your risks for heart disease and stroke. Sleep apnea can affect the amount of restful sleep you are actually getting, which can affect your weight, your hormones, and your daily life.

Effects on Your Day

Without getting a full night of rest, you might feel tired throughout the day. A lack of sleep can make you more inclined to eat more. It can make you irritable and have mood swings. It can make you too drowsy to operate your car or heavy machinery. It can make you unable to focus on school or work. If you sleep next to someone else, your snoring might also negatively impact their sleep, which can lead to all these effects on their daily life, too. Treating sleep apnea can be good for your health, your happiness, and your family’s happiness.

Could your snoring be sleep apnea?

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