3 Vital Reasons To Replace A Tooth

3 Vital Reasons To Replace A ToothWhen you are a kid, losing a tooth can be as fun as going trick-or-treating on Halloween. You get to put your tooth under your pillow and wait for money from the Tooth Fairy. Losing a tooth as an adult is much less fun. In fact, losing a tooth as an adult can be traumatizing and scary. Our permanent teeth are designed to last us a lifetime. Tooth loss can have long-lasting emotional and physical consequences. Replacing a lost tooth can be an important way to offset these negative consequences. Replacing a lost tooth can restore your smile’s health and vitality. If you have suffered adult tooth loss, be sure to talk to your dental team in Greenville, TX about ways to restore your smile. 

#1: To Restore Your Smile

If you lose a tooth in the front of your smile where it is visible when you open your mouth, it may feel doubly important to you to replace the tooth. You may feel self-conscious about the gap created by the tooth loss. However, it is important to remember that it is important to replace a tooth for reasons beyond your appearance (although your self-esteem is important!). Replacing a tooth means restoring your appearance along with restoring your abilities to speak clearly, bite, and chew.

#2: To Protect Your Teeth

Losing a tooth can create a void in your smile that your other teeth will want to fill. The other teeth can begin to shift and move in awkward positions. Replacing your tooth with a crown or bridge can create a placeholder to keep your other teeth safely in position.

#3: To Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Did you know that losing a tooth can impact your jaw’s health? A dental implant can replace the stimulation provided by your tooth’s roots, so that your jaw stays strong and fortified. Without an implant, your jaw can begin to weaken and change shape.

Do you have a lost tooth that needs replacing?

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