Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Oral Hygiene Efforts?

When you struggle with daily fatigue, it can become difficult to take on tasks that have previously offered up little trouble. While you might be well aware of how fatigue is affecting you when it comes to work, or how it affects your mood, you may not realize just how much trouble it can cause for your oral health. People who frequently feel exhausted due to a lack of sleep can feel especially tired at the bookends of their day – in other words, at the times when they tend to brush and floss. Because of this, their routine may become less effective because they are frequently distracted, or because they simply feel too tired to take care of their smile. At our Greenville, TX dentist’s office, we can provide support for patients during routine dental exams to keep their teeth and gums healthy. We can also discuss your sleep troubles, particularly if there is a possible link between your fatigue and sleep apnea.

Inattentive Or Infrequent Dental Care Puts You At Risk For Oral Health Problems

Even a short-term disruption in your oral care routine can cause you to have a greater risk for problems that will require restorative dental work. Those times you skip brushing, or those times when you do a poor job because you are distracted or tired, leave you with unaddressed plaque buildup. These deposits will harden to tartar if they are not removed in time. Because tartar is not something you can remove through your daily routine, you will not be able to simply “make up” for those poor or infrequent sessions at a later time.

Your Caffeine Intake May Become An Issue For Your Teeth

One thing to think about when it comes to fatigue and your oral health is the way feeling tired often leads to more caffeine consumption. If you are drinking more coffee on days when you feel drowsy, or if you are enjoying other caffeinated beverages, you can raise your risk for teeth stains. You may also be raising your risk for cavities. While coffee and tea lack sugar, soft drinks and energy drinks can be heavily sweetened, which makes you more likely to experience problems with decay.

The Link Between Your Well-Being And Your Oral Care

Links between your well-being and your ability to care for your smile should be acknowledged. When you recognize potential barriers between you and your ideal smile, it can be easier for you to make sure you avoid them. In addition to fatigue, stress can make it difficult to protect your oral health. Stress can lead to changes in your diet and rest. It can also make a person more likely to start grinding their teeth, which puts them at risk for jaw problems and dental damage!

Discuss Effective Smile Care With Your Greenville, TX Dentist’s Office

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