Dentures Rebuild Broken Smiles

Tooth loss is a destructive force that can disrupt your ability to eat and cause a loss of confidence. Gaps in your smile make you feel self conscious, and until you address your tooth loss, your problems may only compound. Dentures are typically used to address significant cases of tooth loss, but you don’t have to be missing all of your teeth to benefit from dentures. Denture options include full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. Each prosthetic has its own application. If your smile has been broken by tooth loss, dentures can rebuild it.

Partial Dentures Can Fit Around Natural Teeth

The technology that allows dentures to function has improved over the years. Now, dentures can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and orientations to fit each individual’s mouth. That means that your dentures don’t have to replace an entire row of teeth. Partial dentures can be fabricated to replace several missing teeth while supporting the remaining natural teeth. Small, discreet clasps support the prosthetic without disrupting your healthy natural teeth. If your tooth loss is more severe, you may turn to full dentures.

Full Dentures Can Be Supported with Implants

If you have extensive tooth loss that has taken out all, or nearly all of the teeth on one of your dental ridges, you may want a full set of dentures to replace the teeth. Full denture sets can effectively replace a large number of missing teeth, but they don’t necessarily have the same stability as natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures give you added support and stability. Your dentist can use several dental implants as anchors that hold your dentures in place. With this type of prosthetic, you can enjoy a stronger bite power and more comfortable fit.

Replacing Missing Teeth Helps Your Remaining Teeth

Your teeth all function individually and collectively as well. Because each tooth is free-standing within your jawbone, the teeth all hold one another in place. When you suffer tooth loss, it creates gaps in your smile. The teeth that remain may begin to shift into these gaps over time, because there aren’t teeth holding them in alignment anymore. This can lead to a misaligned bite, which causes your remaining teeth to wear down prematurely. Replacing your missing teeth supports your natural teeth.

Smith Family Dentistry Provides Dental Prosthetics

Determining the best dental prosthetic for you is a matter of understanding your individual situation. At Smith Family Dentistry, we will take time to understand your needs and the state of your tooth loss. From there, we can recommend a dental prosthetic that will fit you and your lifestyle. You can schedule a prosthetic appointment by contacting Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX by calling 903-455-5750.