How Your Routine Cleaning Really Helps You

Banner of Happy asian woman standing pointing hands to copyspace on blue background. Cute asia girl smiling wearing casual jeans shirt and finger pointing to aside for present promotions.We are often told of the importance of maintaining excellent oral health habits such as flossing and brushing your teeth regularly, and that doing so will achieve a healthy smile for life. What this advice is forgetting, however, is that attending regular checkups and cleanings are the other half of the battle. As we are approaching Thanksgiving and other holidays, keeping your smile in mind should be a top priority so as to combat cavities and other issues caused by our holiday favorites. Fortunately, your Greenville, TX dentist at Smith Family Dentistry is happy to help you in your preventive dental measures, including informing you about the importance of your visit.

A Thorough Assessment

When you attend your routine checkup, your dentist will carefully but thoroughly check for any sign of harm to your oral structures, including chips, cracks, cavities, and more. We pay attention to the gums to make sure there is not any swelling or discoloration, as well as check your mouth for any signs of abnormalities. These include bumps or lumps, rough patches, white or red patches, and other concerns. By thoroughly checking your mouth for these signs, we are able to ensure your tongue, throat, lips, and overall oral health is at its best.

Removing Harmful Deposits

In addition to your examination, a dental cleaning can help to remove harmful deposits of plaque or other substances. When oral bacteria make themselves at home, they tend to aim for areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach, even with regular brushing. If allowed to grow, these bacteria can form plaque deposits that stick to your teeth and give your smile that fuzzy feeling you do not like. If allowed to progress further, the plaque can calcify and create tartar, which houses and protects bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and even periodontal disease.

When your dentist treats your smile, they carefully remove these deposits so as to prevent further development. You may also inquire about a deep clean that can be provided through root planing and scaling to get the bacteria that has nestled deep down. During this procedure, your provider will clean the roots of your teeth underneath the gums to ensure that bacteria has been removed to prevent further harm such as gum disease or tooth infection. This treatment is a bit more in-depth, and may require several visits to complete. Ask your dentist about root planing and scaling treatments today.

Schedule Your Cleaning Today

At Smith Family Dentistry, we understand that dental care can fall behind, but encourage you to be proactive in protecting your smile for life. Contact our Greenville, TX office by calling 903-455-5750 to schedule your cleaning today.